Download Whatsapp Plus Blue Apk Latest Version 9.82 [2024]

The Whatsapp Plus application or often referred to as Blue WhatsApp or Whatsapp Biru Apk is a modified application developed by a third party. This application has become popular among the public recently.

Some of us are certainly familiar with this application called WhatsApp. Whatsapp is a chat application that is widely used by several Android and iOS users throughout the world.

This application makes it easier for us to communicate with other people in any part of the world. With just a telephone number and an internet network connection, we can have a conversation as if we were talking face to face.

Download Whatsapp Plus Blue Apk

However, there are some users who are dissatisfied with the features offered by this application. As a result, many modifiers have taken the initiative to develop and modify the Whatsapp application by adding several additional features.

Finally, several types of modified Whatsapp applications emerged with various interesting features which made users of the official Whatsapp application switch to using this modified application.

One of the modified Whatsapp applications that we will discuss this time is Whatsapp Plus Blue with several superior features and how to easily install it on your cellphone. Come on, see the explanation below.

Review of the Whatsapp Plus Blue Application

Whatsapp Plus is a Whatsapp application that has been modified by the developer, namely Official Plus. During the application development process, the project was stopped for a while. This project was taken over by a developer named Fouad Mod and has been redeveloped by him until now.

Fouad Mod continues to update WhatsApp Plus, such as bugs and other problems. What makes this application interesting is its superior features which cannot be found in the original version of the application.

From this, we can conclude that Whatsapp Plus is not an official application, aka illegal, which is not available on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Therefore, users need to be careful when using this application so that there is no risk of blocking the account used.

Features and Advantages of WhatsApp Plus Biru Apk

Features and Advantages of WhatsApp Plus Biru Apk

Even though this application is not an official application, this modified WhatsApp is the choice of some people because the superior features it offers are more attractive. So, for Technozens who want to know the superior features of Whatsapp Plus Biru Apk, see the following explanation:

1. Automatic Message Reply Feature is available

For those of you who are very busy, so you don’t have time to reply to other people’s messages, or for those of you who run an online business, this automatic message reply feature is very useful. You can adjust it in the application settings.

2. Can delete messages at once

This feature is very useful for those of you who want to free up cellphone space because it is too full. You can delete messages in the WhatsApp Plus application at the same time.

3. Hide Typing Status

Whatsapp Plus also provides a feature for you in the form of hiding the status that you are typing. So that when you are having a conversation with someone else, the other person doesn’t know that you are typing.

4. Can View Deleted Messages

WhatsApp Plus allows you to see messages that have been deleted by other people. So you are no longer curious about messages that you receive but are withdrawn or deleted by someone else.

5. Longer Status Duration

If the official application can only send story videos that are 30 seconds long, on WhatsApp Plus you can send videos to make stories that are longer, even up to 7 minutes.

6. Can Hide Online Status

This feature is very useful for those of you who want to look mysterious. You can hide your online status in this application so that other people will think that you are not active on WhatsApp.

7. Own Display Option

You can adjust the appearance of your WhatsApp according to what you want in this application. Such as changing the font shape, font size, color, and even the name of WhatsApp. That way you won’t get bored easily when using this application.

8. More Sharing Features

On official WhatsApp, we are only limited to sending media files of 16 MB. However, in the WhatsApp Plus application, you can send media files up to 50 MB in size.

9. Setting Options feature

Apart from that, this application also offers special features that are not available in the original version of the application, namely a choice of interesting setting options. So users will feel safe using this application.

10. Send lots of photos and videos

Apart from being able to send media files up to 50 MB, you can also send photos or videos of up to 90 photos in one send. This feature is not available in the original version of the WhatsApp application.

11. Choice of 700 Themes

This feature is a very useful feature for those of you who quickly get bored with a monotonous or just the same appearance. This application provides a choice of themes of up to 700 theme variations that you can use for free and without limits.

12. More colorful emoji options

Emojis are a way to express yourself when exchanging messages. So, in the WhatsApp Plus application, you will be spoiled with a variety of emojis that are more complete, colorful, and interesting for you to use when exchanging messages with other people. However, these emojis will not be visible to recipients using the official app.

13. Can hide two ticks

In this application, you can hide or deactivate the blue tick or double tick. That way, other people who send messages to you will think you haven’t read the message.

14. Can download other people’s stories

When you see someone else’s story that is funny or interesting, you definitely want to have it. So, in this application, you can download other people’s stories easily and save them directly on your cellphone.

Download Whatsapp Plus Blue APK Application

Download Whatsapp Plus Blue APK Application

For those of you who want to use this application, you can download it from the official website or other trusted sites to get the original application file and avoid virus attacks contained in the application file.

Application Name WhatsApp Plus
Developer Fouad Mods
File Size 48MB
Application Version v8.95
Operating system 4.4+ Android

How to Install WhatsApp Plus

After you get the download link for the WhatsApp Plus Biru application file, don’t immediately install it on your cellphone. But you have to activate “Unknown Sources” or “Unknown Source” first in the settings menu on your cellphone. Only after that can you install the application.

For more details, see the steps below:

  1. Open your phone’s Settings menu.
  2. Select the Security option
  3. Then activate Unknown Sources
  4. Once activated, then look for the file you downloaded earlier in the file manager.
  5. Click the application file then install.
  6. After it has been successfully installed, you can now use the Whatsapp Plus Blue application.

Tips for Using Whatsapp Plus Anti Banned

One of the things that some modification application users are most worried about is having their accounts blocked or banned. However, there are several tips that you can do to avoid this risk, namely by updating the application regularly and regularly. Check out the following steps:

  1. Open app settings.
  2. Select Update.
  3. Select Check for Updates.
  4. If an update is available, click Web Download.
  5. Download the update.
  6. After that, install the application as usual.

Tips for Using Whatsapp Plus Anti Banned


The following are questions about WhatsApp Plus Mod Apk

Is WhatsApp Plus Official?

The WhatsApp Plus application is not an application developed or created by the official WhatsApp, so this application carries the risk of being blocked if it is not updated regularly by the original developer.

Is the WhatsApp Plus Application Safe?

Because the WhatsApp Plus application is equipped with an anti-ban feature, this application can be guaranteed to be safe. Because the developer of this application continues to update or upgrade so that this application can remain safe when used.

So, users don’t need to worry about using the application. As long as the application is used properly, be careful and always update it regularly.

What is Blue WhatsApp Plus?

Blue WhatsApp Plus is a type of WhatsApp application modified from the original version on the Play Store or App Store. By using this application, you can get a more interesting and exciting chatting experience with the various superior features offered by Blue WhatsApp Plus.


That is the explanation from Teknatekno about the Blue Whatsapp Plus or Blue Whatsapp Plus application with its various superior features. For your information, we do not recommend using this application.

It is best to use the official WhatsApp application which is guaranteed to be secure.

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