Download WhatsApp iOS Mod Apk Latest Version 9.82.1 [2024]

For those of you Android smartphone users who want to experience the sensation of using WhatsApp iOS, now you can use it. Many developers have developed the Whatsapp iOS APK Mod application equipped with several interesting features.

The unique appearance of WhatsApp on iPhone phones has indeed attracted the attention of many Android users.

Apart from that, the features provided are also slightly different from the WhatsApp application on Android. This is what makes third parties compete to modify the original WhatsApp application.

Download WhatsApp iOS Mod Apk

So, in this article, we will discuss Whatsapp iOS Mod APK along with its features and how to install it. Check it out below.

Review of the WhatsApp Mod iOS APK Application

Whatsapp iOS or WhatsApp Mod iOS is an official Whatsapp chat application that has been modified by a third party by adding features in the form of a theme or appearance that is similar to the original iPhone or iOS version of Whatsapp.

Apart from its similar appearance, this application is also equipped with various advantages that are not found in the original version of Whatsapp, both on Android and iOS.

For those of you who are using WhatsApp Mod iOS for the first time, you might be a little confused. Don’t worry! Because WhatsApp Mod iOS is user-friendly, this feature will help you to operate the application easily.

One of the superior features offered by Whatsapp iOS Mod APK is the large variety of themes that can be used for free. This feature is not available in the original version of the WhatsApp application, which only has two themes, namely dark and light.

Top Features of Whatsapp iOS Mod Apk

Top Features of Whatsapp iOS Mod Apk

Before planning to download it, you should first know what the superior features of WhatsApp iOS are. Here are some of the features offered by WhatsApp iOS:

1. Anti-Banned

The risk of getting banned is something that often haunts users of modified applications such as WhatsApp Mod iOS. But don’t worry, because the developer has provided a fairly sophisticated system update. The reason is, that this application will automatically update the system.

Even though this application has an anti-ban feature embedded in it and the possibility of your number being blocked is very small, when using it you also need to be careful so that undesirable things don’t happen.

2. Theme Variations Available

Generally, there are only two themes available on the original version of the application, namely dark and light. Interestingly, in the WhatsApp iOS application, you will get features in the form of varying theme choices.

You can download various themes available in this application for free and customize them to your wishes. This gives users the freedom to be creative in producing their own unique, cool, and interesting themes.

3. DND Mode Feature Available

The next excellent feature that makes this application suitable for you to use is the availability of the DND mode feature. This feature allows you to easily deactivate the data contained in the application.

4. Can Hide Online Status

For those of you who don’t like being seen online or are too lazy to reply to chats directly, you can use this feature to hide your online status even though you are online.

5. Emoji Variations Available

Emoji is one thing that can be used to express various expressions. For those of you who often use emojis when chatting with other people, this feature will be very useful for you.

The reason is, that this application provides a variety of unique, funny, and interesting emojis that you can use at any time.

6. Hiding Tick Two

This feature allows you to hide or even turn off the two blue ticks. This is of course very useful for those of you who don’t have time to reply to messages directly. Even though you have read the message, the message will be considered by other people to be unread.

7. Can see deleted messages and stories

Have you ever received a message from someone else but found out the message had been deleted before you read it? Certainly makes you curious, right? So, with this application you can read and even see other people’s messages and stories that they have deleted, so you are no longer curious.

8. Other Additional Features

Apart from the features above, Whatsapp Mod iOS also offers various other more interesting features, including:

  1. Can activate the color gradation feature
  2. The expiration date is up to a thousand days or more
  3. There are various new themes available that are similar to GB WhatsApp Delta
  4. New emoji available
  5. Search column feature
  6. New contacts and group features
  7. The homepage of messages and conversations is getting easier and more attractive
  8. The message counter display is like the iOS display
  9. Bubble chat or message feature
  10. New text input contact feature
  11. Enable or hide the phone icon in a group
  12. And other interesting features.

Other Additional Features

Download WhatsApp iOS Mod Apk

Because this application is a modified application developed by a third party, this application is not officially available on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Apart from that, for those of you who want to download this application, you need to be careful in choosing the site. Make sure you download it from a trusted site so that the application you download does not carry dangerous viruses such as Trojans or malware.

Application Name WhatsApp iOS (WhatsApp iPhone)
Developer WhatsApp Inc.
Application Size 57 MB
Operating system 4.5+ Android
Application Version v9.30 (Latest Version 2022)

How to Install WhatsApp Mod iOS Apk

The installation process for this application is different from the original version of application. You can follow the steps below to install Whatsapp Mod iOS APK easily:

  1. The first step, first download WhatsApp iOS which is available in your device’s browser.
  2. After you download, wait a few moments until the download process is complete.
  3. Then save the application file on your device.
  4. The next step, open the Settings menu.
  5. Select Security or Privacy.
  6. Next, activate “Unknown Sources” or “Unknown Source”.
  7. If it has been activated, then look for the application file that you downloaded earlier in the file manager.
  8. Then, click the install button in the bottom right corner.
  9. Wait a few moments until the installation process is complete.
  10. Succeed! You can now use the WhatsApp iOS Mod application.

How to Install WhatsApp Mod iOS Apk


The following are questions regarding Whatsapp iOS Mod Apk.

What is the WhatsApp iPhone App name?

Whatsapp iOS commonly known as WhatsApp iOS is a Whatsapp application that has been modified by a third party and its appearance is very similar to the latest version of Whatsapp on iPhone smartphones.

Can WhatsApp Mod be used on iPhone?

WhatsApp MOD iOS has a feature that can make WhatsApp not appear to be online even though it is online with other users. This feature can be useful if you want to avoid chatting with unwanted people.

Can iPhone use WhatsApp MOD?

WhatsApp MOD iOS 14 is claimed to be able to be used by Android users now even if they don’t have an iPhone.


That’s the information about the Whatsapp iOS Mod Apk application along with its superior features and how to install it.

For the record, because this application is a third-party application and its security is not guaranteed, therefore we do not recommend using it. It’s best to use a WhatsApp application that is officially registered on the Play Store or App Store.

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