Download WhatsApp Mod Official Apk Latest Version [2024]

In this era of increasingly sophisticated technology, applications such as WhatsApp are now presenting many of their newest versions. In fact, each individual can find different versions of this type of Whatsapp Mod Official Apk.

Because of its very high popularity, this chat application deserves a thumbs up because it is able to make various groups use the latest version.

How to use WhatsApp Mod Official is the same as other communication tools, namely with a virtual internet connection and involving interaction between users.

Download WhatsApp Mod Official Apk Latest Version

The only difference is the features or characteristics that look increasingly trendy, sophisticated, and charming. Apart from that, the features provided by Whatsapp Mod are not yet available in the original version of Whatsapp.

One of the most interesting features of Whatsapp Mod Official is that you can see messages that have been deleted by other people.

So, for those who are curious or interested in trying this WhatsApp Mod Official APK, this time we will explain various interesting features of this modified application as well as several types of the latest version of Whatsapp Mod Official that are currently available.

What is WhatsApp Mod Official Apk?

Whatsapp Mod is a chat application that has been modified or redeveloped by a third party. Therefore, in this WhatsApp Mod Apk, you will get several new features that are sophisticated and interesting to try.

Of all the features available, some are provided free of charge by the developer, but there are also premium ones, aka paid ones. These are some of the features that make this modified application much sought after by some people.

Whatsapp Mod Official Apk comes in various types such as GB Whatsapp, WhatsApp Aero, and many more. In this case, each version has the same uses and is not owned by the original version of Whatsapp.

Features of WhatsApp Mod Official Apk

Features of WhatsApp Mod Official Apk

As Teknatekno mentioned above, this WhatsApp Mod Apk has more sophisticated features and is even different from regular WhatsApp. The reason is, that features are the most important factor that every application user needs to pay attention to.

Below we will discuss some of the superior features offered by Whatsapp Mod Official Apk. Check it out below:

1. Can lock applications

This feature allows all WhatsApp Mod Apk users to get security in terms of message privacy. With this feature, other people will not be able to know or see the contents of the messages we have, and is very suitable for those of us who have special secrets.

2. Can Download WhatsApp Stories

With this feature, we can download the status or stories of fellow WhatsApp Mod Apk users. Which, we don’t find this feature on the official WhatsApp.

3. Supports Dual Accounts or Multiple Accounts

This application supports the use of dual accounts on one cellphone, both Android and iOS cellphones. Very suitable for those of us who have various secret accounts.

4. Can Change Fonts

This application offers various types of unique and interesting fonts or letters so that we can use them when we are bored with fonts that look monotonous. This makes the atmosphere of exchanging messages with other people more interesting.

5. Can chat without saving the number

In this application, you can send messages without needing to save the number first. Apart from sending messages, we can also make calls or video calls without needing to save the number.

6. Theme Variations Available

The developer provides a variety of interesting themes in this application. This allows us not to get bored quickly with a monotonous appearance. Apart from that, we can also enjoy all the themes available for free.

7. Can Send Large Files

The next feature allows us to send files in the form of videos or photos in large sizes. In this application, we can send more than 90 photos at the same time or send one time. However, we still need a stable internet network when sending it.

8. Airplane Mode available

In this WhatsApp Mod Apk, we can get the airplane mode feature. This means we don’t need to deactivate our cellular data when we want to turn off the application. Just click the airplane button on the application screen, and then airplane mode is active.

9. Long story or status

On regular WhatsApp, we can only create a 30-second story. However, in this WhatsApp Mod, we can create stories with a long duration of more than 30 seconds or even unlimited.

10. Various interesting emotes are available

When we send messages, emoticons are the most important thing that makes our chats more interesting. So, in this WhatsApp Mod application, we are provided with a variety of cute and interesting emotes, even for free.

11. Can Hide Online Status

This feature in the application allows us to hide our online status from other people. So that when we exchange messages with other people, other people cannot see that we are online. As for how you just need to activate it in the settings menu.

12. Deleted messages can be read

Whatsappa Mod Official Apk also allows us to see messages that have been deleted by other people. So, we don’t need to be curious anymore when a friend of ours deletes or cancels a message but we haven’t had time to read it. Because we can read the messages they delete in this application.

List of WhatsApp Mod Official Apk Latest Version

List of WhatsApp Mod Official Apk Latest Version

As we mentioned above, this application has various types of versions. Here are some modified WhatsApp applications that you can use:

1. Fouad Whatsapp

The first WhatsApp Mod Apk is Fouad Whatsapp which you can install on your cellphone for free and is easy to use. With the features it has, many users recognize its advantages. So it’s not surprising that many people are switching from regular WhatsApp to this type of WhatsApp Mod.

The file size of the Fouad WhatsApp application is quite low and is suitable for use on cellphones with a RAM capacity of only 2 GB. Fouad WhatsApp has features that are superior to other versions of WhatsApp Mod Apk.

Note: Because Fouad Whatsapp is a third-party application and of course not available on Playstore, all kinds of risks that befall users of this application are beyond the responsibility of the official WhatsApp.

Application Name Fouad WhatsApp
Developer Fouad Mods
File Size 40 MB
Application Version New version
OS Support 4.4+ Android

2. GB WhatsApp

GB Whatsapp is an application that is currently popular among the public. The interesting features it brings make this application popular and comfortable to use. Even when it is first installed, the features it has will automatically activate.

Note: Because GB Whatsapp is an illegal application developed by a third party, you need to be careful when using it. However, this application is also equipped with an anti-ban feature so this application is safe to use.

Application Name GB WhatsApp
Developer GB Mods
File Size 60 MB
Application Version Latest Version
OS Support 4.4+ Android

3. FM WhatsApp

FM Whatsapp is a third-party application that is easy to use so it will not have a big impact on our cellphone operating system. So that use of this application can run well.

Application Name FM WhatsApp
File Size 46 MB
Application Version v8.95
OS Support 4.4+ Android

4. WhatsApp iOS

iOS or iPhone users can now also use the specially available WhatsApp Mod Apk. However, this application still does not support the iOS system and only the appearance is available.

This means that Android users who want to experience the appearance of Whatsapp, which is like an iPhone, can use the Whatsapp iOS application. Apart from that, this application also provides custom themes that we can use to make it look more attractive and unique.

Application Name WhatsApp iOS
Developer Ridwan Arifin
File Size 51 MB
Application Version Latest 2021
OS Support 5.0+ Android

5. YoWhatsApp

The next modified WhatsApp application is YoWhatsapp. YoWhatsapp is a third-party application that has features that are not much different from other versions and both provide an interesting and satisfying impression.

One of the superior features of the YoWhatsapp application includes the airplane mode feature, cute emojis, interesting theme variations, and so on. Unfortunately, this application can only be enjoyed by Android users.

Application Name YoWhatsApp
Developer Fouad Mods
File Size 46.68 MB
Application Version Latest 2022
OS Support 4.4+ Android

6. WhatsApp Plus

Whatsapp Plus is an application developed by a third party that has gone through various engineering processes in its creation. So, this application gives a very different impression from the original WhatsApp version. Apart from that, we can also get all kinds of features for free and free.

Application Name WhatsApp Plus
Developer Fouad Mods
File Size 48 MB
Application Version v8.95
OS Support 4.4+ Android

7. WhatsApp Aero

Whatsapp Aero is a third-party application that is quite popular among Indonesian people. The reason is, that the features it offers are very sophisticated and interesting to use. This application supports sending files with a large capacity without limitations.

Application Name WhatsApp Aero
File Size 66 MB
Application Version New version
OS Support 4.4+ Android

How to Install Whatsapp Mod Official Apk?

How to Install Whatsapp Mod Official Apk

Installing the Whatsapp Mod application is quite easy. The first thing you need to do is activate “Unknown Source” in the settings. After that, your device can be used to install this WhatsApp Mod Official Apk. For more details, follow the steps below:

  1. Before installing WhatsApp Mod APK on your cellphone, you can download one of the WhatsApp Mod versions that you want.
  2. After downloading, open Settings > Security menu.
  3. Activate “Unknown Source” by checking it.
  4. After that, open the application file that you downloaded then click install.
  5. Finished! The application has been successfully installed on your cellphone.

WhatsApp Security Mod Apk

Because WhatsApp Mod Official Apk is a third-party application, the security guarantee for this application is still somewhat vague or unclear. Therefore, it is not recommended to use this WhatsApp Mod application continuously or in the long term.

This aims to avoid things that are detrimental. The reason is, that this application is not an official application. So, it is better to use a backup account or an account that is rarely used because this application does not provide full security guarantees for its users.

Risks of Using WhatsApp Mod Apk

Risks of Using WhatsApp Mod Apk

Whatsapp Mod is an alternative application for those of us who are bored with the official WhatsApp application which looks monotonous and want to experience a different feel.

This WhatsApp Mod application does offer various interesting features. However, because this application is an application developed by a third party, this application is also very risky.

So, for those of us who want to use this application, we need to be careful and thorough before installing it.

The most common risk is that many accounts are banned or blocked. This makes users unable to open the WhatsApp number they use. Of course, this is a very detrimental thing.

So, before using WhatsApp Mod, it’s better to consider security first. Because the developer could insert a virus or malware that will cause our cellphone to error. Even worse, all the important data we have can be stolen or misused.


The following are questions about WhatsApp Mod Official Apk.

Is WhatsApp Mod Official?

Whatsapp Mod apk does offer features that are much more complete than the original Whatsapp, but this application is not official.

What are the Dangers of Using WhatsApp Mod?

With a variety of interesting features that are not available in the original version of WhatsApp, WhatsApp Mod is quite popular.

However, the important thing to know is that using WhatsApp Mod is illegal and has the potential to be subject to various risks, including account blocking and even data loss.


That’s the explanation from Teknatekno regarding Whatsapp Mod Official Apk which has various types of versions.

We do not recommend downloading this third-party application, because the security of user data is not guaranteed.

So, use the original version of the WhatsApp application which is available on Playstore or Appstore.

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