10 Easy Ways to Get YouTube Premium for Free [2024]

Want to enjoy YouTube Premium services without having to pay money? Here are some easy ways to get free YouTube Premium. Check this article now!

If you often use YouTube to watch your favorite videos, you definitely already know about YouTube Premium. By subscribing to YouTube Premium, you can enjoy various benefits, such as watching videos without ads, downloading videos to your device, and listening to music in the background.

However, not everyone has the funds to subscribe to this service. Don’t worry, there is an easy way to get YouTube Premium for free. In this article, we will discuss several ways to get free YouTube Premium.

Easy Ways to Get YouTube Premium for Free

What is YouTube Premium?

Before discussing how to get YouTube Premium for free, let’s first discuss what this service is.

YouTube Premium is a subscription service from the YouTube video platform that gives users access to watch videos without ads and download videos to their devices without an internet connection.

Apart from that, YouTube Premium also provides access to various benefits, such as background playback when playing videos on mobile devices, and access to exclusive original content from YouTube creators. Previously, this service was known as Youtube Red but was changed to Youtube Premium in 2018.

With YouTube Premium, users don’t need to worry about advertisements that frequently appear between the videos they watch. They can also enjoy various videos with better quality and without buffering, as well as download videos to their devices in high quality up to 1080p.

Apart from that, by subscribing to YouTube Premium, users can also access exclusive content from YouTube creators, such as original series and films produced specifically for YouTube Premium.

This is certainly an advantage for YouTube fans who want to enjoy exclusive content that is not available on other platforms.

However, to enjoy all these benefits, users must pay a monthly subscription fee. Subscription costs vary depending on the country and type of plan chosen, such as an individual plan or a family plan.

YouTube Premium Price Per Month

YouTube Premium Price Per Month

YouTube Premium does offer many benefits to users, but the subscription costs are quite high. For users in Indonesia, YouTube Premium offers three subscription packages at varying prices.

  • The first package is the Student Package, which costs IDR 34,999 per month. This package is intended for students who meet the requirements and have a special email from the educational institution. Apart from that, users also get a free trial for one month.
  • The second package is the Family Package, which costs IDR 89,000 per month. This package is intended for users who want to subscribe together with family members or friends. With one account, up to six family members or friends can use the YouTube Premium service. This package also provides a free trial for one month.
  • The third package is the Standard Package, which costs IDR 59,000 per month. This package is intended for individual users who want to enjoy the benefits of YouTube Premium. This service provides a free trial for four months, so users can try this service for free for several months.

Even though the cost of a YouTube Premium subscription is quite high, this service offers users the convenience of watching videos without ad interruptions and various other benefits.

Therefore, users can consider subscribing to this service according to their needs and financial capabilities.

How to Get YouTube Premium for Free

Here are some ways to get free YouTube Premium easily:

1. Free Trial Offer

One way to get YouTube Premium for free is to take advantage of the free trial offer offered by YouTube.

You can sign up for this offer on the YouTube Premium website. Usually, this offer lasts for one month, and you can cancel it before the trial period ends to avoid being charged a subscription fee.

2. Buy a New Gadget

If you are planning to buy a new gadget such as a smartphone or laptop, check whether there are bundle offers from the manufacturer.

Some gadget manufacturers offer free YouTube Premium as a bonus purchase. You can take advantage of this opportunity and gain access to all the premium features offered by YouTube.

3. Using the Google Opinion Rewards Reward Program

Google Opinion Rewards is a program that allows users to earn cash by completing short surveys. The money earned can be used to buy apps, games, or even a YouTube Premium subscription.

Download the Google Opinion Rewards app and start completing the surveys on offer. After reaching the minimum payment amount, you can exchange the money earned to buy a YouTube Premium subscription.

4. Using Trial Offers from Cellular Providers

Some cellular providers offer free trials or testing for new customers. You can take advantage of this opportunity and use this trial to get YouTube Premium for free. Make sure you cancel the trial before it ends to avoid being charged unwanted subscription fees.

How to Get YouTube Premium for Free

5. Use a YouTube Premium Gift Card

A YouTube Premium gift card is a card that allows users to purchase a YouTube Premium subscription with a gift card. Some stores like Amazon and Best Buy sell these gift cards. You can buy gift cards and use them to purchase a YouTube Premium subscription.

6. Use the Family Subscription Share Feature

If you have friends or family who have subscribed to YouTube Premium, you can ask them to add you to their family members list.

YouTube Premium allows family members of up to six people to use one subscription account. This way, you can enjoy YouTube’s premium features without having to pay a subscription fee yourself.

7. Join the YouTube Partnership Program

If you have a popular YouTube channel, you might consider joining the YouTube partnership program.

This program allows you to monetize your YouTube content and also gives access to YouTube Premium for free. However, you must meet certain requirements to be able to join this program.

8. Use promotions from events and competitions

YouTube often holds events and competitions that provide attractive prizes including free YouTube Premium subscriptions. Make sure you take part in events and competitions held by YouTube and get the chance to win a free YouTube Premium subscription.

9. Using a Friend’s YouTube Premium Account

Finally, you can ask your friends or family who have subscribed to YouTube Premium to borrow their account. However, you should be careful and ensure that you do not violate YouTube’s policies on account sharing.

10. Use Third Party Applications

There are many third-party applications that can help you get free YouTube Premium. However, you have to be careful in choosing this application because some are not safe and can endanger your privacy.

Make sure you download applications only from trusted sources such as the Google Play Store. Some recommended applications are YouTube Vanced and NewPipe.

This time we will use YouTube Vanced to get free YouTube Premium. This YouTube Vanced application has similar features to YouTube Premium so we can watch videos without advertising.

YouTube Vanced also supports the Google Login feature, which allows us to download every video on YouTube easily. Apart from that, this application also supports other premium YouTube features, such as watching videos in the background or pop-ups.

What’s even more interesting, YouTube Vanced does not require root access, so it can be installed on all types of Android smartphones, such as those made by Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Realme, and so on. However, the way to install the premium YouTube application is different from installing the regular application.

For those who don’t know how to install this premium YouTube application, you might feel a little confused, because it requires a special trick so that it can be installed on a non-rooted smartphone. As a reference, we will explain how to install the application.

  • Download MicroG

The first step is to download an application called MicroG. The function of this application is so we can log in with a Google account. After the MicroG application is downloaded, then install the application.

  • Download SAI

Next, you have to install an application called Split APKs Installer (SAI). Please download the application on the Google Play Store. Its function is to be able to install the YouTube Vanced application which cannot be installed directly.

  • Download YouTube Vanced

The next step is to download the YouTube Vanced application. You can download it via the official YouTube Vanced website.

We recommend downloading it via the official website to get the latest YouTube Vanced application and can choose the version of the application you like. However, for smartphones that have not been rooted, it is mandatory to install the non-root version of the application.

  • Instal YouTube Vanced

As we explained previously, the YouTube Vanced application cannot be installed directly. To install it, you have to open the SAI application, and then click the “Install APKs” button. Next, look for the YouTube Vanced installation file that we downloaded previously.

  • Finished

After the application is successfully installed, you can enjoy free premium YouTube services via the YouTube Vanced application. This method is the most appropriate way to enjoy YouTube without advertising because this application is relatively stable and has a user interface that is similar to the original YouTube application.

Benefits of Using YouTube Premium

Benefits of Using YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium is a paid service from YouTube that offers various benefits to its users. Here are some of the benefits you can get if you use the YouTube Premium service:

1. No Ads

By subscribing to YouTube Premium, you will no longer be faced with advertisements that appear when watching videos on YouTube. This will make the video-watching experience more comfortable and uninterrupted.

2. Video Download

You can download videos to your device with YouTube Premium. With this feature, you can watch your favorite videos without needing to be connected to the internet. You can save your internet quota, especially if you often travel to places where it is difficult to get an internet connection.

3. Listening to Music in the Background

If you want to listen to music on YouTube but don’t want your cellphone screen to be on all the time, then YouTube Premium’s background music listening feature could be the solution. You can listen to music while doing other activities on your cellphone.

4. Konten Original YouTube

By subscribing to YouTube Premium, you can enjoy various original content from YouTube, such as films and series. This content is only available to YouTube Premium users.

5. Google Play Music Membership

If you subscribe to YouTube Premium, you will also get a free Google Play Music membership. With this membership, you can listen to music without ads and download music to your device.


The following are questions about how to get free YouTube Premium.

1. What is the Difference between YouTube Premium and Regular?

Videos on YouTube Premium continue to play even if you exit the YouTube application. Different from regular YouTube, when the application is stopped, the video also stops or is interrupted.

2. Does YouTube Premium Still Use Quota?

YouTube Premium subscribers can also save more quota because there is a feature that allows videos to be downloaded and watched offline. The difference this time is that customers can download videos that previously couldn’t be saved on the regular YouTube service.

3. Is YouTube Premium No Ads?

YouTube Premium is an application that allows you to watch YouTube without being disturbed by advertisements. However, to use this service, you must pay a subscription fee first.

4. Is there 1 Year YouTube Premium?

You may qualify for an Annual Plan if you’re new to YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium. This subscription is prepaid and non-recurring. You can enjoy the benefits of a Premium subscription for 12 months after subscribing until your package expires.


That’s the explanation about how to get YouTube Premium for free and easily. YouTube is a place to share videos where there are lots of videos, ranging from useful videos to trash videos.

A premium YouTube subscription offers the convenience of watching videos without ad interruptions and various other benefits that you won’t get when watching standard YouTube.

Please try the method for getting YouTube Premium for free above so you can enjoy YouTube Premium features without having to spend a penny. That’s all and I hope this article is useful.

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