7 Best Anime Drawing Applications for Android [2024]

Some of you may be looking for an anime drawing application for Android. Generally drawing activities are done on paper, now drawing activities can be done on smartphones or laptops.

Especially anime fans, they definitely like the activity of drawing cartoons. Apart from being very fun, drawing is also an art that has high artistic value.

All of this is because by drawing we can provide inspiration and can also generate inspiration and expand the imagination of what we see with our eyes.

Best Anime Drawing Applications for Android

Well, this time Teknateknno will give you several recommendations for anime drawing applications that you can access on your Android. Come on, take a look below!

Recommended Anime Drawing Applications for Android

Below are several anime drawing applications that Teknatekno recommends for you. You can also choose which anime drawing application you will use.

1. PicsArt


This PicsArt application is certainly familiar to friends, or maybe some of you already use the PicsArt application as a photo editing application.

But apart from that, PicsArt is actually quite reliable for drawing anime, why? because of the availability of the drawing tools feature.

With the presence of the drawing tools feature, users can draw anything with various types of tools available, such as brushes, and also types of pencils for drawing, and even determining the layer for drawing.

Apart from that, PicsArt also guarantees clearer and better image results and quality or HD quality without having to convert HD images online.

Then, the simple interface is also an advantage of this application, because users can easily draw in the PicsArt application. You can also use this application to create doodle art images. Even for making bokeh photos on Android phones.

Application Name
Picsart AI Edit Photos & Videos
Developer PicsArt, Inc.
1,000,000,000+ downloads
Content Ratings Rating 3+
Version 23.1.3
Compatibility 6.0 and up
Download link Play Store

2. Sketchbook – Draw and Paint

Sketchbook – Draw and Paint

Next is a reliable anime drawing application on Android, made especially for those of you who are involved in the world of illustration, namely the Sketchbook application from Autodesk Inc.

This application must be quite popular in your ears because the Sketchbook drawing application has been widely used by various artists. It’s not surprising that Sketchbok is one of the anime drawing applications that is highly recommended for you.

In this drawing application, you can use various types of brushes, ranging from various shapes, and various colors, to various types of strokes that you want, to create more interesting anime images.

Application Name Sketchbook
Developer Sketchbook
100,000,000+ downloads
Content Ratings Rating 3+
Version 6.0.4
Compatibility 9 and up
Download link Play Store

3. MediBang Paint – Make Art

MediBang Paint – Make Art

MediBang Paint made by MediBang Inc. This is a lightweight digital painting and comic application with assistance features such as brushes, fonts, and additional resources such as pre-made backgrounds. Apart from Android, MediBang is also available for Windows, MacOS X & iOS.

This application can use various tools and features that can help you draw easily, anywhere and anytime with just an Android cellphone. Several tools that you can use when drawing.

Tools that you can use include an Airbrush, Pencil, Watercolor, G-Pen, Mapping Pen, Sumi, Flat Brush, Round Brush, Acrylic, School Pen, Turnip Pen, Drawing Pen, and various other tools. This application can also make it easier for you to create comics.

Application Name MediBang Paint
Developer MediBang Inc.
10,000,000+ downloads
Content Ratings Rating 3+
Version 26.5
Compatibility 7.0 and up
Download link Play Store

4. Ibis Paint

Ibis Paint

The ibis Paint This is a popular application that is most used to create and produce anime images on Android. Having more than 2500 materials, 800 fonts, 300+ brushes, 71 filters, and other features, makes the drawing process much more challenging and lively.

Many YouTube tutorials use this application, so don’t worry about the tutorial and user community.

Application Name ibis Paint
Developer ibis inc.
100,000,000+ downloads
Content Ratings Rating 3+
Version 11.0.0
Compatibility 5.0 and up
Download link Play Store

5. PaperColor


PaperColor is an anime drawing application that focuses on the paintbrush, suitable for drawing doodles and graffiti, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it to draw anime.

The PaperColor application has many types of paintbrushes and colors to create “perfect” art. Don’t forget to check the Android version you are using before downloading the application.

Application Name PaperColor
Developer Colorfit
10,000,000+ downloads
Content Ratings Rating 3+
Version 2.8.1
Compatibility 4.4 and up
Download link Play Store

6. My Drawing: Sketch and Paint

My Drawing Sketch and Paint

My Drawing is an anime drawing application suitable for beginners where you can draw a character and add text to it.

With a large selection of paintbrushes along with additional features such as fill tools, smudge, and gradient, My Drawing is very easy to use even for laypeople who are just learning. The appearance is also very easy, you will have no difficulty finding what tool you want to use.

Application Name
My Drawing: sketch & paint
Developer Cards
1,000,000+ downloads
Content Ratings Rating 3+
Version 2.4.0
Compatibility 6.0 and up
Download link Play Store


The following are questions about anime drawing applications.

1. What is the name of the application for making anime?

  • Tap Anime.
  • FlipaClip.
  • AnimeMaker.
  • Anime Paint.
  • Anime Art: How to draw anime.
  • Avatar Maker: Anime Girls.
  • SuperMe.
  • Anime Avatar Studio.

2. What is meant by anime?

Anime is a genre of Japanese animation that is often distinguished by its depiction of vivid characters in diverse settings and stories aimed at a variety of audiences (Aghnia, 2012). The anime is inspired by the manga art style, which is typical in Japanese comic books.

3. What are the Characteristics of Anime?

The following are the general characteristics of Japanese anime:

  • Almost all anime use 2D images or, at most 2.5D images (closer to 3D)
  • Characters speak Japanese.
  • There are several opening and closing songs that use Japanese songs.
  • After all, everything is Japanese.

4. Does India Have Anime?

India has its own animated works that are influenced by Japanese anime, although this does not make it comparable to Japanese anime which has a copyright.


These are some anime drawing applications that Teknatekno can recommend for you. You just have to choose the application that suits your tastes and needs. Hope it is useful!

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